Police in Helicopter covers

“Police in Helicopter” from John Holt is a Reggae classic from the early eighties. This song must have been copied and covered many, many times. In Jamaica it is very common to use the same Riddim – which is the basis of a song (mainly the drums and the bassline) – in many songs. The Riddimguide has over 40 entries for the Police in Helicopter riddim.

There are also mixes where all songs use the same riddim, like this Police in Helicopter Riddim Mix:

More recently two great versions were made in Germany:

One from Jacques Palminger & The Kings of Dub Rock: Polizeihubschrauber

And Sab Janoh & Viktor Marek with a funny parody on some Gangsta Rap lyrics: Wer Will Hier Gefickt Werden?