World of Music: Argentina: Neotango

This is the beginning of a series of posts where I want to present different styles of music from many, many countries. Almost every country has musical styles that are very different and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Influences from their traditions and folk music can be found in the modern music and make it unique and more interesting. The music I want to present is quite young, mostly less than 50 years old. Thus it is a fusion (in a good way) of traditional and modern styles and a mix of old and new instruments.

I would like to begin with the modern Tango of Argentina: the Neotango or Tango nueva. Sometimes even called Electro-Tango.

I think in general Neotango is easier to listen to than traditional Tango but still very beautiful.
It can be Tango with a modern sound but it can also be influenced by Techno, Dub or Reggae.

Carlos Libedinsky – Otra Luna

John Zorn – Besos de sangre

Bajofondo – Nocturno

Narcotango – Olivia

Narcotango – El Aire En Mis Manos

Federico Aubele – Esta Noche

Gotan Project – Mi Confesion

Narcotango – Plano secuncia