Salsa Mix – Más Dura

My favorite Salsa Dura and Timba songs from 2016.
Most of them are not very fast but have a lot of drive, a rough sound and are great for dancing.

01 – Israel – La Loba
02 – Tromboranga – Agua Que Va Caer
03 – Take Two Bros – La Más Linda
04 – Tempo Forte – Me Gusta Como Baila
05 – El Timba y Fabio Gianni – Linda Mujer
06 – Kin Krible – Me Voy Pa Cali
07 – Mayimbe – Acuerdate
08 – La Candela – Benidorm, a Ti Te Llama
09 – Orquesta Narvaez – Vamos a Gozar
10 – Maikel Dinza – Sorpresa En Mi Cama
11 – El Noro y Primera Clase – Y Tu
12 – Osvaldo Chacon – Amor Confundio
13 – Secreto Cubano – No Creo Mas
14 – Angelito Ramirez – Arma de Doble Filo
15 – Timbalive – Duplicandole La Dosis
16 – Orquesta Mayimbe – El Animal
17 – Gonzalo Grau y La Clavé Secreta – Siacara
18 – Los 4 – Ella Pide

World of Music: Haiti: Compas

Compas music (also called Kompa or Konpa) originates from Haiti. Compared to the Twoubadou style Compas is much younger which is immediately obvious by the instruments that are present. Electronic guitar and bass, drumset and a certain keyboard sound (that sounds a bit old fashioned nowadays). Compas has a very distinct, very rhythmic sound which is very hard to describe.

Beethova Obas – Lina

A slow(er) Compas. Reminds me a bit of Evora and the Cape Verde music.

Mandela – Larose

Skah-shah – Lague’ Djazz la

Slow and groovy.

Tabou Combo – New York City

Djakout – Nou Renouvle Pouvwa

Very fast, almost like Soca.

Gazzman Disip – Ekilib

World of Music: Haiti: Twoubadou

From the many islands of the Caribbean with their huge variety of musical styles Haiti might be the one that has gotten the least international attention. While everybody knows of Reggae and most people have heard of Merengue almost nobody has heard of Twoubadou or Kompa.

Twoubadou comes from the word troubadour and is a more old-fashioned style which used to be played only with acoustic instruments. Typically Twoubadou is rather slow and sentimental but rhythmic at the same time.

Haiti Twoubadou – Je vais

T-Vice – Tu Me Touches

Mika Benjamin – Ou Pati

Alan Cave – Ma Rose

Twoubadou Kreyol – Petit-Goave

While the focus of the video isn’t so much on the musicans the music is especially interesting. The sound that the two guitarrist are creating is fascinating. The awkward guy in the back is playing some kind of bass Mbira.

World of Music: Argentina: Neotango

This is the beginning of a series of posts where I want to present different styles of music from many, many countries. Almost every country has musical styles that are very different and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Influences from their traditions and folk music can be found in the modern music and make it unique and more interesting. The music I want to present is quite young, mostly less than 50 years old. Thus it is a fusion (in a good way) of traditional and modern styles and a mix of old and new instruments.

I would like to begin with the modern Tango of Argentina: the Neotango or Tango nueva. Sometimes even called Electro-Tango.

I think in general Neotango is easier to listen to than traditional Tango but still very beautiful.
It can be Tango with a modern sound but it can also be influenced by Techno, Dub or Reggae.

Carlos Libedinsky – Otra Luna

John Zorn – Besos de sangre

Bajofondo – Nocturno

Narcotango – Olivia

Narcotango – El Aire En Mis Manos

Federico Aubele – Esta Noche

Gotan Project – Mi Confesion

Narcotango – Plano secuncia

In a way mixes and mashups are the upcycling of music

Even the most awesome songs become somewhat old and boring after listening to them for the 100th time. Scratching, re-mixing or mashing them up adds something new that makes them interesting again.

DJ Cut Killer mixes movie soundtracks:

Sometimes it can be very subtle and you are surprised when you finally realize what song you have been listening to:

Some DJs are incredibly creative like Skratch Bastid who uses parts of two songs to create the Star Wars theme:

Rammstein covers that are better than the original

I don’t like Rammstein. The music is kind of boring and the lyrics are offensive and questionable. But somehow they are incredibly popular around the world and there are some really great covers out there where you almost can’t hear the original anymore :-).

The Drachmen – “Sonne”
Super funny. A greek Sirtaki? Played with greek instruments and sung with a lovely greek accent.

Dobranotch – “Du Hast”
A Klezmer version by a Russian band sung in Yiddish. Amazing!

Subito Band – “Du Hast”
Folk version from Ukraine. Quite similar to the original but with some Russian/Ukrainian soul.

Deutsch-Rap Mix – Da geht was

Fette Reime, tighte Beats, gute Laune. Politisch, sozialkkritisch, albern, unkorrekt und explizit.

01 – Liquid – 1999
02 – Dicht & Ergreifend – Schnupfa & Dringa
03 – Buddy Buxbaum – Termin Im Park
04 – Antilopen Gang – Neoliberale Subkultur
05 – Juse Ju feat. Fatoni, Edgar Wasser & Jilet Ayse – Übertreib nicht deine Rolle
06 – ECP feat. Emus Primus & Rebel One – IschFickeDisch
07 – Alligatoah – Musik ist keine Lösung
08 – Steff La Cheffe – Annabelle
09 – EffE – Du bisch Willkomme
10 – pauT – Sepp hat gesagt, wir müssen alles anzünden
11 – Herr von Grau – Peter
12 – Steff La Cheffe – Zu intelligänt
13 – Dicht & Ergreifend – Zipfeschwinga
14 – Deichkind – Like Mich Am Arsch
15 – Lo & Leduc – Jung verdammt
16 – Smith & Smart – Der Typ dem die Scheisse viel bedeutet
17 – Sepalot – Glasl