World of Music: Haiti: Compas

Compas music (also called Kompa or Konpa) originates from Haiti. Compared to the Twoubadou style Compas is much younger which is immediately obvious by the instruments that are present. Electronic guitar and bass, drumset and a certain keyboard sound (that sounds a bit old fashioned nowadays). Compas has a very distinct, very rhythmic sound which is very hard to describe.

Beethova Obas – Lina

A slow(er) Compas. Reminds me a bit of Evora and the Cape Verde music.

Mandela – Larose

Skah-shah – Lague’ Djazz la

Slow and groovy.

Tabou Combo – New York City

Djakout – Nou Renouvle Pouvwa

Very fast, almost like Soca.

Gazzman Disip – Ekilib

World of Music: Haiti: Twoubadou

From the many islands of the Caribbean with their huge variety of musical styles Haiti might be the one that has gotten the least international attention. While everybody knows of Reggae and most people have heard of Merengue almost nobody has heard of Twoubadou or Kompa.

Twoubadou comes from the word troubadour and is a more old-fashioned style which used to be played only with acoustic instruments. Typically Twoubadou is rather slow and sentimental but rhythmic at the same time.

Haiti Twoubadou – Je vais

T-Vice – Tu Me Touches

Mika Benjamin – Ou Pati

Alan Cave – Ma Rose

Twoubadou Kreyol – Petit-Goave

While the focus of the video isn’t so much on the musicans the music is especially interesting. The sound that the two guitarrist are creating is fascinating. The awkward guy in the back is playing some kind of bass Mbira.