Shitty robots and other disappointments

Creating a robot isn’t hard. It’s fun to build it and easy to write software to control it. The hard part is making something that’s actually useful. Most of the time they are not more than a cool toy. Only being able to drive around and avoid obstacles is nice but not helpful. Real life usefulness is a high standard. Even if it can clean the floor – only cleaning 50% of it isn’t very helpful either. The quality of the results matter a lot. Also, not going berserk or exploding would be good too. Achieving that level is extremely difficult.

We are getting better at it of course. It’s scary what Boston Dynamics can do. But it’s also getting easier and an increasing number of individuals and companies are building robots. Thus we’ll see a lot of shitty robots and other failures in the near future.

Simone Giertz for example is building terrible but very funny robots:

This one completely fails when it tries to turn the valve.

This garbage truck is an example how difficult it is to never mess up.

Some people already have started to collect the best failures at Shitty robobts. Or on Twitter the Internet of Shit is collecting evidence that adding wifi to everything isn’t the best idea.