Humus feat. Ekow – Love Affair

The Finnish artists Humus and Ekow have created an incredible song. They tell the sad story of a secret love affair. The touching lyrics are set to beautiful melodies and the voices of the backing singers. The rhythm and the melody create something unconventional but still catchy. The song consists of several parts where we hear the perspectives of the betrayer and the other women.

Absolutely captivating.

To hear more from Humus.

Music: Arian Saleh – The Cobblestone EP

The Cobblestone EP by Arian Saleh is an album full of really beautiful music. Often I find either the music or the lyrics are interesting but here it’s both. I’d listen to the album also if it was purely instrumental. The voice of Arian Saleh adds a nice melodramatic note to the songs. And once you start listening to the lyrics you’ll find they are deep and poetic.
It reminds me a little bit of the amazing Zulya.

Check out his album on bandcamp.

album cover