The Knife – Pass This On

The video for “Pass This On” from The Knife is just incredible.
The appearance of the singer, the lyrics and the hostile silence of the audience create such a tense atmosphere. You can feel that something is going to happen. And you are afraid of what it might be.

One of the commenters writes:

[The] singer, trying to create magic in a crushingly ordinary community centre in Sweden. Such a dreary place. But she tries, she sings, she sways. Trying to make magic out of nothing. The largely immigrant crowd look on, bored and unimpressed.

The same song has also been used in the film Les Amours Imaginaires. The scene is equally captivating.

The dialogue is not important but that is the translation:

Francis: ‘Who’s that android?”
Marie: “His mother. Her name is Desiree. He introduced me to her. She said I looked like a 50s housewife. Who is she anyway? Captain Spock’s wet nurse? Or perhaps a prostitute from Blade Runner?”
Francis: “Your dress is a tad anachronistic.”
Marie: “Sorry? This is vintage, dearie!”
Francis: “Not all vintage should come back.”

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