My favorite internet radio stations

Internet radios are a great way to discover new music.
As with websites it is relatively easy to run an internet radio. And there is also infinite space for stations. So you can find all kinds of cool niche stations. The majority are internet only stations which means that they don’t play ads or news and no one talks. Just music.
With the help of an internet radio directory like Shoutcast or Icecast where you can search for styles, countries, places or even artist names you can find almost anything.

I’ve found tons of great music via internet radio over the years. So, I wanted to share some of my favorite stations.

Electro & Pop
Soma FM – around 30 very specialised stations (e.g. space, celtic, or secret agent music), mostly electronic styles.
I really like:

Electro Swing Revolution Radio – Good selection of Elektro Swing

Radio Fritz has loopstreams of special shows. My favorites are:

  • Donnerstag Nightflight with Maxwell Smart and Robert Smith – HipHop and related styles – My favorite radio show since two years! Great selection of music and they do awesome mashups and usually scratch and freestyle as well!
  • Samstag Nightflight with André Langenfeld – Nice, mostly House.
  • Freitag Nightflight – Should be the Punk and Hard Rock show.
  • Montag Soundgarden – Once a month with Erci Ergün who plays music from Turkey and the Middle East.

Reggae & Ragga & Drum ‘n’ Bass
Scratch Radio – Awesome selection of alltime classics in Dub, Reggae and Rocksteady

La Grosse Radio Reggae – Mix of modern and old

PsychoRadio – I mostly hear it for the jungle mixes but it has nice Drum’n’Bass too. – popular Dubstep station

Drumstep on Rautemusik – Drum’n’Bass and Dubstep (guess I’m not their target audience judging by the ads for highschool math tutoring)

La X estereo – 100% Pura Salsa – Great selection of Salsa (might be more mainstream Salsa or I’ve listened to it for too long).

Salsa con Estilo – Has some great, lesser known songs. Tends to be more melodic.

Caliderumba Radio Emisora de Salsa – Lots of Cuban and fast Salsa from South America. Used to have real gems.

Rumba y Guateque – Most of the time really fast and hard Salsa.

Radio Mambo – El Ritmo de la Vida – Decent Salsa. Apparently broadcasting from Italy: the ads and news are in Italian.

Timba Para Siempre – Not only Timba but much more than other Salsa stations.

Salsa y control – Good selection.

Salsa para dos – Good selection too.

Salsa pal que sabe – La X2 – Good. Similar to La X.

World – music (contemporary) from all over the world

Multicult FM – They seem to have a huge playlist on random at night.

Funkhaus Europa – Shows in different languages and music from different countries.

Big FM Worldbeats – Seems to focus more on dance and club sounds.

Radio Conga Terra – Great Soukous, Highlife an Hiplife from Ghana/Congo.

What are your favorite internet radios?

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